Perfect World

A MMO rpg that i used to play 2 years ago, i can with a windows emulator now play it somehow on my mac 😛
It’s actually a pretty good roleplaying game, it don’t really drag you in it at the first levels but later on it gets more fun. Well right now i dont have anything better so it’s just a way for me to spend time 😛
The windows emulator i use is called crossover games and it actually lets me play a few games i used to play, its the best you can get without buying windows for you mac 😛

Hiddeni, envyme, heavens tear.

Real Life
Right now im sick D: and schools heavy load of homework is for the week coming + i need to find a 1 week work place for school in 2 weeks :/ (no big success)

Wheel of time =)

The wheel of time
One of my favorite series that i  have re read a lot of times. The author is unfortunately dead, but someone took up his work from his notes. Im currently reading the 10th book again for the 3-4th time and i will buy the 12th book when i reach it =)
Its about a pair of young travelers Rand Al’thor, Mat Cauthon, Perrin Aybara, Egwene Al’vere (Might have miss spelled) that leaves their home in The Two Rivers for adventure, danger follows them and one of them is wanted by the dark one.
Wont reveal more but it’s worth reading, it might get a little slow in the start but when you go on you cant stop reading so give it a try 🙂

Real life
Right now im stuck with a lot of annoying school homework 😦
I’ll try to post more when i have time =)
And more about the wheel of time, can maybe publish 1 chapter from the book so you guys can read the first one here.
Have a good day 😀

My WordPress site :D

Here i will write Stories/novels i write or i will write a review of books i read or write about them. Might post up some videos of something that just pops up in my head and think : ”oh that’s great”. I will also write about gaming and my own personal life sometimes.
Kind of writing about everything, haha 😀
Enjoy reading 🙂